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YapStar Pet Contest Winners [May 1, 2009 - August 31, 2009]


It was a great contest and kudos to our winners who worked hard spreading the word and winning the coveted YapStar Contest.

1st Place — Ruby Blue Eyes — 11,225 Votes

Ruby Blue Eyes, a Royal Oak, MI local hero wins the YapStar Contest with 11225 Votes received from pet lovers across the United States and beyond. With Ruby's striking features - her gorgeous blue eyes and sweet face - it's no wonder why she had fans across the country cheering her on to be crowned "The YapStar". Ruby's owner gave us a lesson in the power of social networks and how her love for Ruby spurred her on to reach marketing heights corporate execs would envy. This incredible marketing effort across numerous social networking sites [such as Twitter, Facebook, Craig's List and others] and her daily emails to all her loyal fans paid off.
Congratulations Ruby and we can't wait to see the pet portrait of Ruby by Justine Osborne. Have fun in San Francisco! Click to see what Ruby won.

2nd Place - Red Magic - 6688 Votes
YapStar Pet Contest 2nd place winner

Red Magic, a beautiful Irish Setter who is playful, devoted, gentle and loves his teddy bear won 2nd place. Click to see what Red Magic won.


3rd Place - Kikka - 6676 Votes
YapStar 3rd place winner Pet Contest

Kikka, from Naples Italy, who is devoted, loving, curious and loves Rolly-Pollying in the Sun won 3rd place. Click to see what Kikka won.


4th Place - Freckles - 3401 Votes
YapStar 3rd place winner Pet Contest

Freckles, rescued from the streets of Cozumel, Mexico loves hamburger and lounging in a hammock with his owner won 4th place. Click to see what Freckles won.


5th Place - Kitty Moomer - 3308 Votes
YapStar 3rd place winner Pet Contest

Kitty Moomer, rescued from a plastic bag inside a dumpster [thank god!], now has a safe home where she gets head rubs and has fun playing with lizards won 5th place. Click to see what Kitty Moomer won.


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